If the thoughts you find here feel right for you, they probably are right for you. Breastfeeding carries with it a whole series of built-in instincts, and it makes sense to listen to them. These pages may help you hear yourself.

Breastfeeding is about community. In the past, women learned it from infancy. They chatted with other mothers, learned from other mothers –by seeing what they liked and what they didn’t like – and they helped one another. They absolutely didn’t learn breastfeeding from a book… or from a website!

Find yourself a group of real, live, non-internet mothers to learn from and to learn with. La Leche League is one of the easiest groups to find and one of the longest-running, though there are others.

Playgroups of breastfeeding mothers are another important resource – one that meets more often than just once a month. Playgroups are the glue that holds a mother together, and you will stay friends with those women for decades.

Breastfeeding is nothing fancier than making lunch for your child. Maybe you need a specialist’s help to do that – maybe something makes it hard for you to open the jar, for instance – but mostly you just need to see other mothers, all making lunch in different ways, from different ingredients, all feeding their children, as mothers always have.


Some other resources

Remember – whatever you find should feel right for your situation.

A few good websites

Basic websites on breastfeeding topics

Finding a Real Live Helper

La Leche League, IBCLCs, doulas, and others


Some of my favorites, and a starting list for professional helpers

Policy statements

For help in making your case to a relative, boss, or doctor

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